Street Racer Tells Police He is The Luckiest Man on Earth after Getting Arrested

Ryan Sieglund lived in Toronto and was a big car freak. Recently he bought a sports car and now he wanted to see just how good it was. To test it, he went to a street race. The race did not last long because the police showed up. Sieglund and the other racers were arrested. The officers took Sieglund to the police station, but on his way he was bragging how fantastic his life was. They almost didn’t believe him when he told the officers he was the luckiest man on earth.

Ryan Sieglund went to a street race event with his new sports car.

Ryan Sieglund was 28 and lived in Toronto since he was just 2 years old. As a kid he loved watching races with his friends and family. Now that he had a good paying job, he decided to buy a sports car. He called one of his friends to tell him about his little investment, when his friend informed him about a street race. To see how powerful his car really was, Ryan decided to participate in the street race.

Ryan was lucky, he managed to avoid hitting obstacles and other cars.

All participants had to deposit a sum of money. Win the race and you get everyone’s money. Ryan was in first place for a while and saw his chance of winning getting closer each second. The racers passed through narrow streets with lots of traffic. There was a huge truck, narrowing the street and a bit further he saw a mother crossing the street with her child. Ryan had to break to avoid hitting the woman and the kid. The two were safe, but Ryan lost his first place.

Ryan told officers he was the luckiest man on earth.

A bit further there were animals walking alongside the road. One of the animals got scared and started running on the road. Ryan was driving way to fast to avoid the animal, so he tried to drive over it. Miraculously, the animal lay flat on the ground and was left unharmed. Ryan was a talented racer and quickly found himself in first place again. But then he saw some red and blue lights approaching fast. Ryan got arrested and told the police just how lucky he had been.

Ryan was on his way to win the race, but the police intervened and he didn’t win the big money prize. Once again, Ryan was lucky when the organizers of the race told the participants they’d get their money back.