Retired Teacher Waves at Students Every Day, But She’s Hiding Poverty Behind Her Smile

Tinney Davidson and her husband lived near the George Washington High School. One morning they stood on the porch, waving at the kids going to school. Since that day, with her husband they brought joy into the students life by standing there every single day, even when it was raining or snowing. When her husband died and her health became worse, Tinney still wanted to stand there, to see the smiles on the lovely children’s faces. To show how much they appreciate her, the students decided to throw a celebration at their school for the old lady and gave her and gave her something she never saw coming.

Tinney Davidson and her husband bought their house decades before the neighboring high school was even built.

As a young woman, Tinney Davidson and her husband had just bought a beautiful home in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. Tinney started a family there, meanwhile the neighborhood grew. A new school was about to open nearby. Not all people were thrilled by this, but Tinney had been a teacher her whole life and could not be happier of seeing all these happy students near her house.

Everyday, Tinney and her husband waved at the students passing by.

On the first day of school, Tinney was standing on her porch with her husband, waving at the students passing by. All students had smiles on their faces, all while waving back at the old couple. This brought so much joy to Tinney that she decided to wave at the students every single day.

Tragedy struck when her husband died, and Tinney’s house started to fall apart.

Quickly more and more students passed by the house on their way to school, some even making a small detour just to walk by their house. After a while, everyone at the school knew about the ‘waving old couple’. Then one day, Tinney was standing all on her own on the porch, her husband had just died. Her family told her to stop standing there every day, especially on rainy days, the students would surely understand. But those smiling students were more important than ever before for Tinney.

The students decided to have a celebration for the old lady and collected money to renovate her house.

Her house had become a real landmark in the neighborhood, but because her husband had passed away, the house had started to fall apart. The roof was starting to rot and there was water leaking in the house. It was on that moment that the students decided to do something back for the old lady. They invited her to their school at a celebration, just for her. The biggest surprise? A cheque to fully restore her roof. Tinney was overwhelmed with joy and had never been happier to be part of these students’ life.