7 Modern Office Gadgets Everyone Should Consider!

Spending eight or more hours a day, five days a week, and many weeks of the year at your office is no child’s play. You may (or may not) love your job, but you can always make the time you spend at work more interesting with some modern gadgets. And fortunately, apart from adding that fun element to your desk space, these smart office gadgets can make you productive too.

So, if you are looking for a friend in disguise when the world seems to revolve just around e-mails, memos, spreadsheets, and screens, this list can come in handy.

Check out the seven must-have modern office gadgets that are busy making trends this year.

1. Herman Miller Sayl Chair

Style and comfort are the two reasons to buy a high-tech office chair, and the Herman Miller Sayl Chair provides both. Designed by the renowned Swiss designer Yves Béhar, it is an incredible combination of high-end engineering and ergonomics.

With an unframed 3D Intelligent back, this chair lets you stretch and move while giving you the support you need to sit comfortably for hours without stressing your spine.

As Jeremy Seasor from the Republic Lab says, “ The Sayl’s revolutionary 3D Intelligent suspension back makes it a must-have product for modern offices that focus on ergonomics, functionality, superior engineering, ecological responsibility, and aesthetics.”

2. Rocketbook E

Forget the pen and paper to make notes. The Everlast notebook from Rocketbook is all you need to be note-ready in this e-age. The fact that the Everlast is endlessly reusable and can be seamlessly connected to the Cloud makes it a fantastic office tool.

Taking technology to another level, this notebook works with Pilot Frixion pens. So, you write with a pen, marker or highlighter from the incredible Pilot Frixion line and your writing will stick to Everlast pages like regular paper. And to erase the writing, all you need is a drop of water. Yes! A damp cloth will wipe the page clean like magic. Try it to believe it.

3. Logitech P710e Mobile Conferencing Speakerphone

Conferences have become a modern-day necessity and to make your workspace conference ready, equip it with the Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710e and turn your phone into a conference room. With its superb noise-canceling technology and true wideband audio, you get sound that is awesome. And to make it easier for you to enjoy hands-free calling from anywhere at any time, this device lets you pair up to eight Bluetooth® devices or connect with NFC.

Worried about your conference calls stretching for a long time? This Logitech device takes that worry away as well, thanks to its 15 hours of talk time.

4. Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical

This one is for the fitness freaks. The Cubii Pro takes flexible exercising to the next level with its excellent design. So, if you have been unable to take some time out for exercise, this under desk elliptical is the gadget you must get at the earliest. All you need is a seat to place it under, and you will be all set for your at-office-workout.

Loaded with several incredible features like Bluetooth capabilities, it can also be synced to your fitness trackers like Fitbit and Apple HealthKit. And to let you and your colleagues concentrate better on the work, it is whisper quiet too.

5. Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner

Move over the traditional scanner with the Scanmarker. All that you need to do is to slide this amazing handheld scanning pen across a line of printed text, and you will be amazed how it appears on the screen at a super fast speed.

Designed with a revolutionary patented image processing technology, it converts scanned text into a high-quality image which can be recognized by the OCR software without any fuss. Fast, light, accurate, and easy to use, it ticks all the boxes you need in a portable scanner and should make to your office gadgets to-buy list without any doubt.

6. Foobot Air Quality Monitor

Another ground-breaking entry into the list of modern office gadgets is the Foobot indoor air quality monitor which can smell the invisible, odorless pollutants around you and displays them. Now, if you are someone who cares about the extent of indoor pollution at work, then you need to get this device for sure. It can be beamed to your smartphone, giving you real-time details of the quality of the air you are breathing in.

And it syncs and works with over 120 devices to adjust the air purifier and HVAC systems in your surroundings, to help you breathe in a healthy environment.

7. The Anchor – Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount

Something for the Konmari fans out there who can’t function without decluttering – the Anchor is your solution for clutter-free desk space. This under-desk headphone stand mount superbly organizes your desk by taking the cord clutter away, while giving you easy access to your headphones, whenever you need them.

One of the best things about this stand is that it takes just a couple of seconds to mount and is extremely strong to hold even the bulkiest of headphones with ease. In fact, not just one, it can hold two sets of headphones – one for you and one for your office bestie!

So, what are you waiting for?

Pick these must-have office gadgets and make high-tech gadgetry your friend at work.